Saltwater Fishing Manufacturers

Part of the effort here at Saltwater Fishing Texas is to introduce you to the Texas-based manufacturers of saltwater fishing tackle, gear, lures, and equipment.

These are large and small companies, from garage-based outfits to multi-million dollar operations. They all, in their own way, add to the landscape of innovation and tradition of Saltwater Fishing in Texas.

Follow the links to learn more about their products, their operations, and their future plans. You’ll meet the innovators and hear their stories. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was when I met them and interviewed them for SFT.

Midcoast Products

Learn about Needville, Texas' own Lane Teykl and Glynn Walling, creators of a unique and effective line of popping corks. You'll enjoy their story, be impressed by their operation, and learn something in the process.

Head to the Midcoast Products company profile. Brown Lures

Jason and Jake Brown are young guys that have had a significant impact on the Saltwater Fishing Texas landscape. Learn about their fishing lure heritage and how they're making their mark.

Head to the Brown Lures company profile. Grind Terminal Tackle

Meet Mike and Melinda Dickey, part of the new ownership of Grind Terminal Tackle. Learn how they found themselves in the fishing tackle business and about some very effective products they manufacture and offer for wade fishing.

Head to the Grind Terminal Tackle company profile. Buggs Fishing

Here you'll learn about Heath Hippel's partner project to SFT, a truly unique fishing lure business. Buggs have gained a quick and vocal following among flats fishermen in Texas. Learn about how Buggs bring the best fly fishing ideas to lure fishermen, and why they say, "Tied Like Flies, Fished Like Lures, Buggs Catch Fish!"

Head to the Buggs Fishing company profile. _________________________________________________________________

Future Profiles

This is an ongoing effort to profile the top saltwater fishing tackle, gear, lure, and equipment companies from Texas. The three you see here are the first of what will be many. We're working on more and have our ideas, but also value your input.

Is there a company you'd like to see profiled here? Head to the Contact page and let us know! Our goal is to introduce you to the innovators and the pioneers. Some will be familiar, and some you may not have heard of yet. Through their stories, their products, and their advice we hope to enhance your fishing, and join you in the quest for saltwater fishing success!

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