Essentials for Saltwater Fishing Success on the Texas Gulf Coast!

Prepare for the most thrilling, challenging, and rewarding experience the outdoors has to offer.

Saltwater Fishing is your connection to a harsh environment, where fish have to be aggressive, tough, and fast, making them an absolute joy to have at the end of your line!

But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you consider the vast Texas coastline, the different conditions you’ll encounter, and the staggering amount of lures, tackle, and gear you’ll find at your local fishing store.

That’s where we come in!

Here you’ll find the essential information for success on the Texas Gulf Coast, with answers to these vital questions:


1. How do I go about Finding Fish, and how do I use Tide Charts and Weather Reports to increase my chances of success?

2. What selection of Fishing Lures do I need and when should I use them to catch more and bigger fish?

3. What Rods and Reels, Fishing Tackle, and Fishing Gear do I need to help me catch more fish and make my time on the water the most productive?

4. What can I learn from the experts who are on the water every week about finding fish?

5. What fishing knots do I need to know, and what are the tips and techniques I can learn to be a better fisherman? _____________________________________________________________________

Besides valuable information for helping you catch more and bigger fish, we'll be your comprehensive resource for the People, Places, and Things that make Texas a top destination for Saltwater Fishing!

We’ll have first-person accounts up and down the coast of the Top Fishing Guides, Tackle Shops, and Manufacturers.

You’ll find Reviews of the latest and greatest equipment, tackle, and gear, so you’re prepared to make the most of your time on the water.

You’ll also have access to unique lures, products, and gear from the most innovative companies at the forefront of the industry.

All this and more awaits you at, where we join you in the quest for saltwater fishing success!


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