Saltwater Fishing Tips

Here we'll focus on Saltwater Fishing Tips, and specifically to help you plan your trips. We'll be talking about the essential information to know before you go, to make your time on the water most productive and give you the best chance to catch fish.


Before we get into it, however, a quick word. You're probably reading this because you're about to go fishing! What a blessing! This means you're healthy enough to go and have a little spare time. If you're like me, then you have a job and family. Time on the water is precious and something to be thankful for. So let's go over some essential saltwater fishing tips so you can make the most of it. _________________________________________________________________

Let's Break It Down

There are three important saltwater fishing tips related to planning trips. The first tip is that you should know what the Tidal Movement will be for the day. The second is to know the Weather Report, for the fishing's sake and for your own. The last is to get a Fishing Report for the area you'll be fishing.

Tide Charts

Tidal movement is one of the most important factors to fishing success. Tides move water, and moving water means moving baitfish. And the fish we're trying to catch is always looking for moving bait. Reading the charts can be tricky, however. Highs and Lows are just the beginning of the story.

Head to the Tide Charts page for more information. Weather Reports

Knowing the weather report for the day is very important, for both the fish and for us. Regarding the fish: wind, rain, air, and water temperature have a lot of influence on how they'll behave. Knowing what you'll encounter and how the fish will respond will help you plan your trip.

And as far as we're concerned, the last thing you want to happen is to cut your day short by not preparing for the weather. So part of these saltwater fishing tips will be focused on keeping you on the water.

Then there are times when it is vitally important to know what the beachfront looks like. Smaller swells are no problem for the dawn patrol. Jumping so they don't crash over your head is a different story. Lucky for us, there are lots of good folks out there who provide cams so we can have a look.

Head to the Weather Reports page for more information and links to valuable resources. Saltwater Fishing Forums

The last of our saltwater fishing tips is to do your best to get a general idea of how the fishing has been in the area you want to go. Besides having buddies you can call who fish in that area, there are two other places to check.

Fishing guides are a wealth of information, and some of them write for saltwater fishing magazines. So the reports found in Texas Fish and Game, Gulf Coast Connections, and Texas Outdoors are a great place to look.

There are also several saltwater fishing forums where fishing reports can be found, from professional guides to the average fishermen.

Head to the Saltwater Fishing Forums page for more information and links to these valuable resources. Conclusion

I'm glad you're reading this - it means you're going fishing! These saltwater fishing tips will help you prepare to make the most of your time on the water. It will also help you learn how to be a better fisherman, and begin to figure out the saltwater fishing game.

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