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SFT - August 1, 2011

Houston - Have you ever thought about owning an online business dedicated to your favorite pastime? Ever wondered what the true building blocks of a successful online business were? News on both fronts, right here.

Saltwater-Fishing-Texas is now for sale. We've built this site with relevant content that attracts targeted visitors every month. If you have any interest in this site, please let us know!

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SFT - October 19, 2010

Houston - Fall is here, as evidenced by the cooler, drier weather, not to mention the numerous reports we're getting of impressive catches of Redfish, Trout, and Flounder in the shallow flats up and down the Texas Coast.

This is, without question, our favorite time of the year to be on the water here at SFT. For a refresher on how to take advantage of these conditions, head to the Fall Fishing page.

Head to the page to learn more - Fall Fishing Tips We've also added a new company profile to the Manufacturer's page. Buggs Fishing is the company we partner with in our store, and I think you'll enjoy its story. They produce a unique and effective line of fishing lures that are building quite a following among shallow water fishermen.

Head to the page to learn more - Manufacturers Page _________________________________________________________________

SFT - June 16, 2010

Houston - Summer is here and that means the "Dawn Patrol" is in full swing when the conditions get right. Unsure about what this means? You'll want to head to the Surf Fishing page to learn more, where beginners and experienced fishermen alike will learn helpful tips to take advantage of this exciting time along the Texas Gulf Coast.

See you on the water this Summer!

Head to the page to learn more - Surf Fishing Guide _________________________________________________________________

SFT - April 13, 2010

Houston - We're pleased to announce our partnership with Buggs Fishing and their online store. As we add products designed to help you catch more fish, they will be sold in the store we share with Buggs Fishing.

Buggs Fishing is a line of hand-tied fishing lures, bringing the best ideas from fly fishing to lure fishermen. The first offerings have been developed for Saltwater Fishermen along the Texas Gulf Coast and beyond.

This is a project we've been working on in tandem with this website, and we're glad to finally announce the launch of the store and the fishing lures.

We hope you'll visit the Buggs Fishing website to learn more about the lures. You'll find them for sale in the store along with Ray Crawford's fishing books for the Texas Gulf Coast.

Go to the Buggs Fishing website to learn more. And head to the Buggs Fishing Online store for the fishing books and to check out the lures.

Saltwater Fishing Texas and Buggs Fishing online store. _________________________________________________________________

SFT - February 23, 2010

Houston - Plan on attending the 35th Annual Houston Fishing Show coming to the George R. Brown Convention Center March 3rd - 7th. This is your opportunity to meet the folks who make up the Saltwater Fishing Texas landscape.

Friends of this site will be there, including Grind Terminal Tackle, Midcoast Products, Brown Lures, and Texas Tackle Factory. Their products will be available, and you'll have the chance to meet them and trade fishing stories.

Mike and Melinda of Grind Terminal Tackle will be there showcasing their products, including a new t-shirt design and a long-sleeve version of my favorite "God Bless Texas" shirt.

Lane and Glynn of Midcoast Products will be there with their famous popping corks. You'll enjoy meeting them and learning about their unique designs.

Jake and Jason of Brown Lures will be selling their new Flappin' Devil from the Fishing Tackle Unlimited booth. They put a year of R & D into it, and from the pictures, it looks to be a winner!

And finally visit the Texas Tackle Factory booth, where you'll find new and innovative products from the industry leader. They've come out with several new products lately, including the Hackberry Hustler, Killer Baby Ray, wade fishing gear, and Stingray and Jellyfish First Aid Kit.

These companies represent the best the industry has to offer. Their hard work and innovation are our gain as they contribute to our quest for saltwater fishing success!

Follow the link for the hours and other important information regarding the show - Houston Fishing Show. _________________________________________________________________

SFT - February 11, 2010

Houston - Area Academy stores have set aside pegs and have already installed labels with prices on the pegs for the MirrOlure made Corky Lures. Marketed under the "Paul Brown Original Series" name, I was told by the MirrOlure rep that they would be in stores in the next few weeks.

I've read one positive report and was told that they would be distributed to Outdoor Writers and Pro Staff within weeks to get more feedback and comparison to the originals.

The local Academy stores will be stocking the lighter colors, which brings me to the Poll Question for February. Please take 30 seconds and give us your feedback on the availability of the full range of Corky lures by visiting the Feedback Page. To view the full range of colors and models of the Paul Brown Original Series (Corkies) from MirrOlure, follow the link: (opens separate window) Texas Rattler _________________________________________________________________

SFT - January 18, 2010

Houston - I learned recently that Captain Chris Phillips, fly-fishing pioneer of the Galveston Bay system, lost his fight with cancer. I'm including a link to a post at Texas Kayak Fisherman that gives the details of a Memorial Service in his honor Saturday, January 23, 2010, at Fishing Tackle Unlimited.

He was a genuine, caring, encouraging individual who loved to fish. He encouraged me personally with the ideas I had for fishing lures and flies. His passing is a loss for the Saltwater Fishing Texas landscape. He will be missed.

Captain Chris Phillips Memorial Service Information. (opens separate window) _________________________________________________________________

SFT - January 8, 2010

Houston - Happy New Year and thanks for visiting the site! 2010 looks to be a big year for Saltwater-Fishing-Texas. We're starting off the year with two new profiles. Head to the Manufacturers page to hear the stories of Brown Lures and Grind Terminal Tackle.

I know you'll enjoy reading about them. They both manufacture products that will contribute to your saltwater fishing success. Stay tuned for more exciting content, including in-depth information on planning trips. Follow the link to learn more at the Manufacturers Page. _________________________________________________________________

SFT - November 29, 2009

Houston - Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for visiting the site! One of the questions left unanswered by Saltwater Fishing Texas to this point is one of the most important - Where to Fish? Well, we've given it our best shot and in the process have made an important recommendation for a valuable resource. Follow the link to learn more at the Where to Fish page. _________________________________________________________________

SFT - October 30, 2009

Houston - One for two isn't bad...Despite our best efforts, the Sabine trip had to be postponed. In the process, I did learn something about our fishing guide. Captain Samuels and I spoke Tuesday evening ahead of the Thursday trip and he explained that the weather report looked bad.

He asked if we could postpone the trip. He wanted us to have a good experience, and put that ahead of his immediate business. That is one of the marks of a good fishing guide. The plan is to reschedule as soon as possible, so look for the report soon.

Just as planned I met with Lane and Glynn of Midcoast Products. I learned a lot about popping corks and how they could be used effectively with artificial lures. I also came away impressed by their operation. They turn quite a few popping corks out of a shed the size of a one-car garage.

These small operations are encouraging and inspiring to me. I have to give them credit for having an idea and then going out and making it happen. You'll enjoy their story as well.

The article on using Popping Corks with artificials is complete and can be found here. The Midcoast company profile is up and can be accessed through the Manufacturers page. Stay tuned for the review of Midcoast popping corks from the water.

Visit the Midcoast Products website (opens separate window). _________________________________________________________________

SFT - October 20, 2009

Houston - This will prove to be an exciting week here at Saltwater Fishing Texas. After hearing some funny stories, useful flounder fishing tips, and moving testimony of God's work from Chester Moore Jr. last week, SFT is heeding his recommendation and heading to Sabine Lake on Thursday to fish with Captain Philip Samuels.

Expect an in-depth report on the resource, the flounder run, and the guide service of Captain Samuels soon. Part of our mission here at SFT is to provide quality recommendations of fishing guides and destinations along the Texas Coast. Not only lists and numbers but actually takes from actual, first-person experiences.

But before I get ahead of myself, tonight I'm heading to Needville, Texas, the home of Midcoast Products. I've been hearing and reading reports about Lane and Glynn's popping corks for some time. They were gracious enough to invite me to their shop.

Expect a report on the business they've built, their products, and an article about using popping corks with artificial lures. They've also agreed to teach me about pouring lead. And what of that, you ask?

More to come, stay tuned!


SFT - October 1, 2009

Houston - Today I learned about an upcoming benefit for a Texas Saltwater Fishing Legend. Captain Chris Phillips is the pioneer of saltwater fly fishing in the Galveston Bay system. He's been battling brain cancer for some time. He continues to fight hard, and his medical bills continue to grow. Those who have had the privilege to meet him know of his enthusiasm for saltwater fishing and sharing the joy with others.

My first conversation with him occurred when I called the fly shop he was working in back in 1996. I had a question about fly reels for tarpon, and he was eager to help me decide. As soon as I moved back from Colorado I went to the store to meet him, and instantly had a friend and fellow fly fisherman, fly tier, and encourager.

Follow the link to learn more about Chris-A-Palooza 2. This is the second benefit for Chris and I heard great reports from the first one. Plus one of the raffle items is a flats boat!

Captain Chris Phillips Website (opens separate window) _______________________________________________________________

SFT - September 23, 2009

Houston – In a short conversation today from his garage, Paul Brown of B&L Manufacturing confirmed that he is selling the rights to the famous Corky lures to Mirrolure, the L&S Bait Company, Inc. from Largo, Florida. The process is ongoing, with the expected transition scheduled for completion in early 2010.

He explained that he was comfortable with the transition because of the history of Mirrolure. He is confident in their management, who understands the lure business and the proper construction of fishing lures. He will be closely involved in the transition and will be traveling to their production facilities soon.

What this means is that the end of an era is upon us, of a true-to-life Texas Saltwater Fishing Legend. For 35 years Paul Brown has been producing and selling fishing lures from his garage in southeast Houston. The crowning achievement of his efforts is the Corky lures. Their effectiveness in catching big speckled trout has made them a staple in the tackle boxes of saltwater fishermen.

What I’m saying is to visit Paul Brown’s garage before it’s too late. Call to make sure he and his wife will be there, bring a few bucks, and get yourself a little piece of Texas Saltwater Fishing History. Buy an extra one to keep in the package and pass it to your kids or grandkids. And then this fall and winter, take the rest to the coast and catch a big speckled trout or redfish.

Click here to visit the Corky website. (opens separate window) Mr. Brown has also agreed to sit down with SFT later this fall for a more in-depth interview on the history of the lure, his future plans, and other interesting facts. Stay tuned! _________________________________________________________________

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