About Saltwater-Fishing-Texas: What we're up to...

My name is Heath Hippel, and I'm glad you've visited Saltwater Fishing Texas. If you’re reading this then I know we have some things in common – a love for saltwater fishing, the outdoors, and an eagerness to learn something to make our time on the water more successful and productive.

First I’ll let you know why I’m building the site and then I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. Lastly, I’ll give you the opportunity to share a little bit about yourself so we can get to know each other and so I’ll know how I can build the site and make it more valuable to you.

My purpose behind SFT is three-fold. I can relate to those who are getting started, looking to the coast, and are overwhelmed at the enormous resource and all of the different conditions and variables you encounter.

I know how frustrating it can be, but I know how much fun it can be as well! I love talking to people about saltwater fishing. If I can share the knowledge I’ve gained these past years and help you avoid some of my mistakes, then I’m helping you catch more fish in a shorter amount of time.

Another benefit to the research and on-the-water development I’m planning is that I’ll be fishing more, learning more myself about saltwater fishing, and becoming a better fisherman. I’ll also be gaining more fishing buddies: those I can learn from, share stories with, and who I know share the joy with me.

Lastly, there is a business aspect to what we're doing. I’m building this site with the help of Site Build It! (link opens new window), and their main point is that people go to the web looking for information. That, they explain, is the key to building any kind of business online. Their formula counts on you to add the BAM!, Brain and Motivation.

And outside of spending time with my family and my involvement in church, saltwater fishing is what I’d rather be doing more than anything else in the world. So it was easy to know what I’d be writing about!

I stumbled upon their web-builder as I researched a way to market the line of fishing lures I came up with. That process is ongoing, but in the meantime I’ll be writing about all aspects of Saltwater Fishing in Texas, researching to provide valuable information, and having fun doing it! I’ll also keep you posted on the design and progress on my fishing lures.

So that’s the why and the how of SFT. Follow this link to learn about the who, Heath Hippel. The When, Where, and How is already happening and will be an ongoing process for the days, weeks, months, and hopefully years ahead. And that’s where you come in! While I do my best to share my knowledge and valuable information about Saltwater Fishing in Texas, it will only work if I’m sharing the type of information that is useful, entertaining, and valuable to you!

I’ve provided a couple of forms that you can fill out on the Contact page so you can tell me how I'm doing and let me know what information you'd like to see.

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I'd appreciate your feedback on the site as I build it.

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