Saltwater Fishing Gear

Saltwater fishing gear is essential for the fisherman, making sure we can withstand the harsh environment we’re fishing in. That includes the weather, the terrain, and gives us the comfort we need to stay a little longer, hit a few more spots, and learn more on the water.

The other category of saltwater fishing gear we’re going to cover is what we need to have on our person to make us more efficient and help us catch more fish. It is a special thing to have a fish on – by a combination of luck and skill, it’s all come together. This second category will give you the best chance of landing that fish and stringing it or getting a good picture and releasing him to fight another day.

Category 1 – Clothing and Accessories for the Saltwater Fisherman

Nowadays most of us spend our working hours in air-conditioned comfort, and rarely have to deal with the elements. But living along the Texas coast, we’re reminded of what it’s like on the way to the car or when we spend some time outdoors enjoying other activities.

Saltwater fishing gives you exposure to the same harsh environment the fish are living in. They have to be tough to survive – and we have to be tough and smart. The right saltwater fishing gear will provide protection from the sun in the form of polarized sunglasses, a good hat, sunscreen, and lightweight clothing is a must. At your feet, tough flats boots or neoprene booties are very important for protecting you from the shell and marine life you may encounter.

When it cools off in the late fall and winter, you don’t want a good day of fishing cut short because you get cold, wet, or both. Growing up deer and duck hunting my Dad always reminded me that I could always shed layers, so wear more than enough.

A good pair of waders is essential saltwater fishing gear and breathable work best if you can afford them. Layers on top to keep you warm and dry are essential. Then a good, warm hat and gloves you can fish in will help you stay on the water longer.

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Category 2 – Fishing Accessories and Organization

Getting back to the special situation where the fish is on, a couple of things had to happen beforehand, and a couple of very important things need to happen real soon! Part of this saltwater fishing gear helps you organize your tackle and lures at the house, and the other part is the transportation of a small selection of your lures to have with you while fishing.

We’ll leave the house organization for you and your wife to work out and talk about how to carry your gear with you. Through trial and error, I’m finding that a small and medium combination that I can carry on my shoulder works great for wade fishing and in my kayak. It’s important that it stays out of the way and keeps your stuff dry when possible.

So the fish is on, and he’s a fighter! I’ve found that in times like this a landing net would come in handy. I say would because at the time I’m writing this, I haven’t had one and can tell you in excruciating detail about a couple of nice fish I’ve lost because I haven’t had one! That being said, there’s a new one in my garage that will be on my hip next time (hopefully real soon) I’m fishing.

The last couple of things in this category are clippers, stringers, wade belts, and accessories like a Boga grip. Clippers are a no-brainer. Have you ever tried to bite through braid? They make changing lures a lot easier and come in handy when you lose one.

Stringers don’t require much imagination either. Just make sure it comes with a long rope and a good float. Then there are Boga grips and similar tools that hold and weigh fish. They are useful but I’ve found that they don’t help me land fish.

Wade belts serve a dual purpose. The back support they provide is nice when wade fishing, especially through the mud. They also help anchor your net and stringer around your waist. Some come with rod holders so you can carry an extra with you while wading.

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