Saltwater Fishing Forum

When I'm planning my next saltwater fishing trip, I always head to a Saltwater Fishing Forum to get an idea of how the fishing has been. Sometimes you'll find specific information and advice that can be very useful, and sometimes it will be general.

But most of the time a forum will contain specific reports from your part of the coast. I'm going to list a few of the most popular below. My advice is to pick one or two forums, sign up, and become a member.

And once you're a member I encourage you to make your own contributions as well, just as you would want others to do for you.


Texas Kayak Fisherman - TKF is a very popular forum where lots of great information can be found. Head to the TKF Forum. 2 Cool Fishing - 2Cool is an extensive forum dedicated to Saltwater Fishing in Texas. Head to the 2Cool page and check it out! Texas Flats - TFF is dedicated to shallow water fishing. A newer forum with a good vibe and lots of good information. Head there by following the link to Texas Flats page. - Yes, in Texas we have lots of good reasons for stepping out of a perfectly good boat. Here is another good forum to check out. Head to the Wadefishing Forums page. _________________________________________________________________

You'll find lots of good information in forums to help you plan your next fishing trip. Remember that they only work when people contribute, so join in and help others in their Quest for Saltwater Fishing Success!

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