Spinnerbaits and In-line Spinners: Beyond Bass Fishing...

These lures, long a staple for bass and freshwater fishermen, have been catching redfish for quite a while along the Texas Gulf Coast! The In-line variety became popular up North with the Mepps spinner. The technology has been successfully applied to saltwater lures.

Spinnerbaits are composed of a weighted jighead and interchangeable soft plastic lure and a bent wire arm with a gold or silver spinner. The inline variety is made with a straight shaft that the spinner rotates around up front with a soft plastic weighted or unweighted trailer hook.

They are both effective on redfish, creating the same buzz and vibration as the highly effective spoon. They've been known to catch trout and flounder as well.

They are versatile in that the soft plastic can be changed out on the weighted jighead - creating different color combinations and profiles. A popular choice is using a Gulp! shrimp or soft plastic.

They should be used when fishing for redfish in muddy or murky water where the extra vibration will attract fish. They can be fished slower along the bottom all the way up to the top of the water column. I've heard bass fishermen call this technique "burning" a spinnerbait where the spinner flutters along the surface.

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