Soft Plastics: Must Haves for Saltwater Fishing Success!

Soft Plastics are the most versatile and universally effective fishing lures around. Every saltwater fisherman should have them in their arsenal. They are made to imitate shrimp, crabs, and baitfish – everything fish eat along the Texas Coast!

For the Top Picks in the Soft Plastics category to catch more and bigger speckled trout, redfish, and flounder, click here. To learn more about the types and how they work, keep reading!

They are made to be rigged with weighted jig heads. There are hundreds of different sizes, shapes, and colors at your local fishing store, but they can be easily broken down into four categories:

Baitfish imitations are the biggest category, and the straight tail variety is very popular. The best offerings are from Texas Tackle Factory, Norton, Brown Lures, and Bass Assassin. Their tails are tapered and straight with an enlarged body, the shape of every baitfish that swims.

Shad/Paddle Tail Baitfish Imitations are next in line, with the usual suspects coming again from Texas Tackle Factory, Norton, and Bass Assassin with the addition of an old standby from H & H. They are made to imitate baitfish as well, but their tails are shaped to make them wiggle back and forth during the retrieve. They look great in the water – to us and the fish!

Shrimp imitations come next, and TTF, Norton, Bass Assassin compose the common choices – but also see the Swimbait page for the classic and effective DOA shrimp and the Scented Baits page for the Gulp offering. No mystery here as to what they look like. Shrimp compose a large part of the diets of specks, reds, and flounder, so no wonder these lures work!

Crab imitations are last, and the smallest category. You’ll find a Gulp! offering from Berkley (for more on the Gulp! line see the Scented Baits page) as well as an imitation from DOA. Redfish sure love crabs and flounder and specks will dine on them occasionally, but they aren’t as popular as the other offerings.

Notice no time has been given to the hugely popular Gulp offerings. They’re listed on the Scented Baits page.

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